Friday, April 7, 2017

Puttering and Progress


Been a busy week, but managed a couple evenings of picking away at stuff.  For starters, a couple more Bloodbound finished up, one warrior and one bloodreaver.



Nothing too fancy on these guys, just aiming for solid table top.  I'm actually pretty stoked for my Khorne stuff right now, as a new book has just dropped (mine is waiting for me at the store).  Among other things, it makes it much easier to run a combined mortal / demon Khorne list, adds some new toys (eg, new prayers for Slaughterpriests, of which I already run 2), and offers new formations.  I might have to break down and pick up some Bloodletters to go with my Bloodcrushers, and even a herald or two.

I've also been working on the "Bretonnian" Freeguild general.


Still work to do on him - more highlights in several places, more work on the details, and I need to assemble the back banner, but he's far enough along that you get a clear sense of how it'll work when finished.  I don't know if he'll be completely ready by next weekend (when I'm hoping to try him out), but he'll be good enough for gameplay anyways.


The list I'll be running is build around him, a big block of knights, a damsel on peg, and a min unit of archers to fill out the battleline requirements.  That's it ;)  I'm hoping to use my mobility and stacked buffs to be able to focus 900 points on small sections of my opponents' armies.  We'll see if it works.