Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Time flies. Has flown. Flew.

Hi all,

Long time no speech, due more to apathy than anything else.  I've actually been getting a fair bit of hobby done, at least compared to the snail's pace of winter, but haven't made time to grab pics or draft much in the way of posts.  Mostly been working on some stuff for Age of Sigmar and 40k.
The release of both the Khorne book and the Skirmish rules for the former seemed to get my juices going, and the imminent release of 8th edition for the latter has me rather excited.  While the Cub and I have been playing some games of 40k, I've enjoyed them more for the time spent with him than the game - but the new rules look great, and I'm looking forward to spending quality time with him on a game I enjoy.

The new edition has also got my eye wandering at some non-orky options for the game (not that I've not been pumping out stuff for da boyz), and I dug out some models I've had kicking around for the last few years.


The new edition has adopted the keyword mechanic from Age of Sigmar.  Armies are legal as long as all models share at least one keyword - which can include such broad ranging ones as "Imperium".


At the same time, the backstory of the game has moved forward to an extent not seen in many years.  One bit of this is that a good chunk of the human imperium has been cut off, including several key Space Marine worlds.  Among these is Baal, home planet of the Blood Angels - who were already on the back foot, barely staving off an invasion by a Tyranid Hive fleet.


The prospect of doing a combined imperial army - some Blood Angels, imperial guard (Baal Planetary Defense Force), a little inquisitorial presence, etc., seems fun, gives me an excuse to paint minis I  like when I want a break from orks, and will get me to paint up some of the stuff stashed away in the drawers of shame.  I'm looking forward to it.


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