Friday, December 15, 2017

Among the little people (again)


With work slowly retreating from insanity, I've managed to finish up another unit of Hanoverian foot, this one comprised of the Regiments Hodenberg and Diepenbroick.

Diepenbroick left, Hodenberg right.

Diepenbroick are a bit odd, in that unlike the other Hanoverian regiments, they had a distinct colonel's colour all their own.

You can see what I mean about the orange in this shot.

I picked Hodenberg for the orange facings, which I though might be kind of neat, but turned out to be something of a pain.  It was difficult to get enough of a blackline in to distinguish between the red coat and orange trim, something most evident on the turnbacks.

Mass effect?

I think they look okay from the front, though.

Next up is a unit of light horse, and I'm hoping that by the time they're finished, a small order from Baccus will have arrived with some highlanders, which I'm looking forward to doing up.  Christmas is rapidly approaching, but I'm in good shape in terms of marking, so all that is likely to distract me for a bit is prep for the holiday.  I have a metric tonne of baking to do prior to the day, but should be able to sneak in some painting whilst things are in the oven.