Saturday, August 4, 2018

Does it count as barbeque . .

. . . if you don't cook it?

Actually got in a game the other day, believe it or not.  My old gaming buddy Chris was in town doing some re-enactment stuff, and we met up for a game of Age of Sigmar at the G-Dub.  As it had been a long day, in extreme heat, wearing a period wool uniform, we kept the game small, around 1300 points each.  I cooked up a couple of lists, one mixed chaos, one flesh eater courts, and we had at it, Chris with the chaos, and I with the bloodthirsty hordes of  (in progress) flesh-eaters..


We used the Open War cards, which I quite like, especially for pick up games of this kind.  We ended up with a deployment that favoured close combat armies (which we both had), a fairly straighforward objective based scenario, and a twist that turned into two, one that had us deploy staggered over multiple turns, and one that made casting spells easier, but also more dangerous.


We each started with our big infantry units and a buffing hero on the table.  I moved up to control a couple of objectives, and then Chris used the speed of the Gors (they start fast, they can run and charge, and they get a speed boost from the Bray Shaman hero) to get a turn one charge.  While he got in a chunk of damage, he didn't do enough to drop my unit of ghouls below 20, which meant that not only did I get a ton of attacks back (ghouls get an extra attack in larger numbers), I also was able to bring a number back with my hero the following turn.



By the time our reinforcements started to arrive, I had the upper hand in the barny in the middle.  First wave of reinforcements consisted of our big gribblies - my Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, and Chris' manticore lord and knights, with mine coming on first.  I wasn't able to get in a charge the turn my beasty arrived, and Chris managed the chump shot with both his Manticore lord and the Knights.



Unfortunately, while the knight unit made contact, he didn't get the bulk of the unit into contact to maximize the impact of the charge, and while the Manticore did put some hurt on my Terrorgheist, between the unit's native healing ability and a magic item, I had back at full health next turn.


This pretty much was the writing on the wall for Chris, especially because we forgot to bring in the third wave of reinforcements..  A couple of lucky wound rolls on my Terrogheist (a 6 to wound does 6 damage bypassing armor), and the ability to heal up my ghouls meant that Chris' force was off the table turn 4.  We called it at that point, since my whole army would be facing his third wave for the final turn.  It also meant we got the chance to chat, get caught up, and for him to get in a little shopping.

While the game was short, I had fun, and it seems to have fired my up to paint some more 28mm / AOS / 40k stuff, which I've not been motivated to do for some time.  I've got some ungors primed up as a I write this, and will be painting them soon.  I also signed up for a 1000 point AoS tournament next weekend, so should be getting more games in.


  1. Great looking armies, good sounding game,I'm not up to date with Age of Sigmar but the chaos knights and beastmen look fab!
    Best Iain

  2. Nothing quite like a game with an old friend.

  3. Great looking game and figures, FMB. It was kind of you to get your buddy out of the summer heat in wool uniform too! And have fun at your upcoming tournament!

  4. I forget how awesome those realm of battle boards can look. No pics of the period uniform? That would be great to have a picture of (I’m guessing) an ACW soldier playing AoS. 😀

    1. WWI Canadian. He'd had a chance to shower and change afterwards, hoever ;)