Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Off to off some sasanachs.

 Hi all,

Been dealing with some hobby doldrums of late.  After the initial, and highly productive spurt of enthusiasm for the ECW Scots in late December and January, I've been feeling a bit off painting for the last couple weeks.  Starting to come out of it, but I learned long ago not to try and force the issue.  In the mean time, I did finish up the basing for a good chunk of what's done so far.

The first battaglia, plus a frame gun and officer.+
The pike unit currently has 12 figs, for Pikeman's Lament, but I'll paint up some extra for use in Pike and Shotte.
Not used to units taking up this much space on the table ;)
Close up of the officer.
And the frame gun.  Evidently, the Scots had a pile of these, especially early in the wars.

With some degree of motivation creeping back, I've started in on a first unit of cavalry.  Also been picking away at various GW things, and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Dystopian Wars starter set - the nice people at customs and excise having taken it upon themselves to hold it at the border for reasons unknown.

I've also been continuing to eye the Victrix 28mm range.  I know, I know, my Carthaginians are already languishing, I have a dozen projects on the go, etc., etc.  But the vikings and saxons continue to appeal, and the soon-to-be-released Normans are looking rather smashing.  Maybe in my next life . . . 



  1. Your Scots look fab Markus! Now, snap out of the doldrums!

  2. Awesome looking battalia, love your Scots! You know best, I'm sure you'll be back cranking them out in no time!
    Best Iain

  3. Lovely Scots, and flags, excellent job!

  4. They look great! Here's to seeing them in action one day.

    1. Thanks, Ross. Hoping to be able to host some Pikeman's Lament by summertime, anyways.

  5. Nice looking Scots! Why do they take up more space?
    I hope your painting motivation will revive after the rest. 😀

    1. Figure scale. Almost all of my historical gaming has been 6 or 15mm. The footprint of the 28s takes some getting used to ;)

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  7. As they all said: bewdiful! A joy to look at.
    Regards, James

  8. Lovely figures Markus !
    We love especially the regimental gun !