Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in Fine Style . . . .


After a busy holiday season spent with family, I managed to get out to the geek shop on the weekend, and get in a game of FoW. 1500 points, my painted list (T-34s, Shermans, KV-85s with tankos, 120mm morters) against panzergrenadiers. Scenario was hold the line, so I was attacking a prepared definsive position, and the defender had half his force in reserve - a factor that contributed to my win.

First two pictures show my forces approaching objectives on the left:

and right . . .

of the table. The objectives are the green/white rock formations. On the left, my T-34s pushed forward trhough rough terrain towards dug-in infantry and AT guns, while on the right, my KV-85s snuck around the edge of the table. We don't have enough trees yet, so light green cutouts are serving as forest, and dark green was swamp.

In the centre, I had my morters covering the open sections of the table, and my Shermans in reserve.



As the game progressed, I kept pressure on the left, bringing the Shermans to bear as well, and gradually grinding down his infantry and AT resources. At the same time, my KVs moved closer to the objective on my right.



The left was a feint. My opponent had deployed with his forces guarding the left objective, on the assumption that he could bring his reserves on to cover the right in time to block my advance - except they didn't get their until the turn I reached the objective. As attacker, you win the scenario when you start your turn with one of your units within 4" of the objective, with no opposing units within 4". The game came down to whether my opponent could rush his tanks up to the objective in time. Despite special rules that give him additional movement, he couldn't make it in time, I I won.


The game was instructive. I'm still getting the hang of playing soviets. They get plenty of boots on the table, but their tactical abilities are severely restricted - harder to move and shoot than for other factions, for eg. I'm still figuring out how to shift dug-in infantry with armour - close assault seems to be key, but getting enough treads into the fight to count is trickier than it looks. In the meantime, it's an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

On an unrelated note, with the release of Mk II, the LGS is now briging in Warmachine, so I'm dusting off my Cryx, and looking to drum up some interest. With a little luck, I'll be able to get in a proper game soon.



  1. Glad you're having fun in TBay, Markus. And dusting off the Cryx, hey? Is GenCon a possibility this year? Ken and I (and possibly Stu) are going.


  2. It's a hopefull. Depends on personal / professional stuff. It's about the third year in a row I've tried to swing it though, so I'd say I'm due.