Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paintathon 2010


So, with the LGS gearing up for the new Mark II edition of Warmachine, I've been visiting the Privateer Press forums of late. There's a paintathon being proposed on the painting forums - a 50 point list, to be completed by the end of 2010. I'm in, though I think I'll be aiming for something a little sooner - I'd like to go to Gencon this year, if I can swing it, and that means having the 50 point list finished by August.

The list I'm planning is as follows:

Mortenebra and Derlyss (-4 points)
Deathjack (12 / 8 points)
Seether (9 / 17 points)
Nightwretch (4 / 21 points)
2 Stalkers (8 / 29 points)
Full McThralls, plus a Brute Thrall UA (6 / 35 points)
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls (2 / 37 points)
Full Satyxis, plus Sea Witch UA (10 / 47 points)
2 Machine Wraiths (2 / 49 points)
Necrotech and scrapthrall (1 / 50 points)

There's not a lot of subtlety to this list - it's mainly about jamming waaaaaay too many threats down an opponent's face for them to handle at once. It has some stuff in it just for fun (notably, the 'wraiths), a number of things I've not used before, but have a new lease on life in Mk II (Morty, Seether, Satyxis, Necrosurgeon), and some golden oldies I just love (DJ, McThralls, Stalkers). It's also missing some stand-by abilities I tend to rely on when playing Cryx, notably an abundance of corrosion, and the much lamented leap ability on the stalkers (how're those flame guard doing Ken? ;). It also allows for some easy customisation - the stalkers can be swapped for arc nodes relatively easily, the solos are easy to switch out, and both the heavies and infantry have broad utility,meaning it's a decent basis for army expansion with another warcaster.

I'm pretty psyked about this project. I have all the models I need, and will be sorting and unpacking tonight. Pics of the "to be painted and assembled" pile will follow shortly.

I'm thinking to do these in a variation of the Cryx scheme I've done so far (see this post for an example). I'm finding it a bit bland / tedious however, so I've been toying with the idea of throwing in some nice rich reds on the cloth, etc - going for a deep crimson look. I'll putter around the web digging up inspiration, and hopefully post a test model soonish.


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