Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thinking - always a mistake


Been a tad busy of late, so not much to show. I've got a 1275 Flames of War tourney this weekend at the FLGS, but find my mind wandering to Gencon.

Yep, it's a go. I am off to gamer wonderland this coming August. It'll be my first time, but I've been meaning to go for yonks. I'm definitely planning on playing in Hardcore, and would like to try and get in some FoW games as well.

It's the hardcore lists that have me thinking. There has been much ado on the PP boards of late about "the new meta", i.e., the supposed tendency in Mk. II towards shooting. Given that the local community is only just starting to get into WM / Hordes, it's not like I'm seeing much of this new meta in my games, so list design for Gencon remains something of an intellectual exercise.

I figure I have two main options - the French and the German. In other words, I can either accept the conventional wisdom (that shooting is where it's at), and perfect that strategy, or I can assume that everyone else will be attempting to do so, and instead work on something designed to circumvent or foil that meta.

Couple this with the usual parameters for Hardcore list design (the need to create assasination opportunities, the need to prevent assasination vulnerability, and the factor of time pressure), and I have some thinking to do.


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  1. You have got to be kidding me. Going to Gencon? We have to talk about this. ;)