Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Dragonfather's way . .


So, a couple weeks now since my last post. I've had my son with me, and have been spending as much time with him as I can, so there's been limited opportunities (or energy ;) for geeking. I'm proud to announce, however, that when I took him to the LGS the other day, he left the delighted owner of his first 30-sided die - a giant red monstrosity that caught his eye at the cash register.

I have had a chance to do a little painting, the fruits of which you can see below. First off, Master Necrtech Mortenebra, and her loyal sidekick, Derlyss.





Not sure what that crud on her chin is - I'm going to go at her with a file and touch-up brush I guess. I'm intrigued by this caster, but likely won't get her on the table until I get a few more combat 'jacks painted - I've got something like 3-4 heavies assembled, but want to get some brushwork done before they hit the table.

Next, is an almost obligatory Deathripper. I used to take these for the sheer cheapness (and still do - the much vaunted price hike of Cryx arc nodes seems overstated). I've had actual utility in-game of late, however - at the last LGS tourney, I think a deathripper ended up with the caster kill in at least two games. The MAT boost they've received, plus a slight boost to their attack, makes a significant difference to their threat potential.




Last, but not least, is machine wraith #1 (of 2 planned). this is one of my favorite models in the game, and likely my favorite in Cryx. It's a fantastic example of the steampunk horror aesthetic that first drew me to the faction. They seem to have a new lease on life in Mk II, and I'm eager to try this guy out on the table-top.





Last, I found out yesterday there's going to be a 25-point tournament at the LGS this coming Sunday, and I should be able to make it. I'm leaning towards either Gaspy or eDennie. One list I've played around with is:

full McThralls
Pistol Wraith x2

This list opens up a fair number of attack vectors, has great speed, solid terrain management, and a good combination of ranged and melee threat. A second option is to switch out the wraiths for some other units / solos - maybe a Warwitch Siren, Gorman di Wulfe, and a Necrotech and Machine Wraith. I like having the death chill option and 4 ranged shots to go with eDennie's marked for death, but wouldn't mind some utility support (and getting more figs on the table). Either way, I have a couple models to get finished for Sunday. Wish me luck.



  1. Those are some gorgeous models, I really like the rust colour, if you call it that. It's very fitting for a Cryx army.

    I played in my first tournament in a couple years and faced off against some Machine Wraiths. They were pretty cool and took control of my Crusader. I hope you had fun at the tourney.

  2. Thanks - inspiration for the colour scheme came, believe it or not, from watching the Hellboy movies. I'll post a report next week on how the tournament turned out.

  3. Are you going to keep posting on your blog?