Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tourney results


Had a 25 point tournament at the LGS Sunday. Scenario-based, but not SR2010 - TO just took some scenarios from the book. Came in 3rd (of 6). Lost my second game by failing to take out Drago by 3 points. With the Nightmare, and backstrikes. Which left eDennie hanging out in the wind, for easy pickings. Note to self - use the ARMOUR debuff on 'jacks. 2nd / 3rd came down to a run off between the 0 and 2 players, and the one I beat lost. To be fair, it was her dice - she played a good game, and just came up a few points short on an assasination run. The atmosphere around the table at that game was pretty tense - plenty riding on the game ;) I ran:

Full McTHralls
2 Pistol Wraiths

Some pics:

McThralls taunting the opposition:


Nightmare eating Rahvyn


Nightmare not eating Drago:


Notes and reflections - eDennie is ridiculously fun, as is Nightmare, athough I think I may just skip the prey shenanigans and declare the opposing warcaster from the outset. Epic D brings so much board control and movement shenanigans that opponents struggle to predict where the attack is coming from. I'm currently prepping a 40 point list (don't ask) for next months tournament - and will update with info when it's fully painted. I'm hoping we get some more bodies out at that one - there are apparantly other players in the area, so hopefully they'll show.

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