Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Damn, that's a lot of soviets . . . .


Some pretty pics today. Didn't get a chance to get game pics last week, as my opponent bailed out at the last minute, but it looks like I'll get a chance tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some pics of recently completed stuff for my FoW soviets.

First up are the Spetznatz / Scouts.




Not sure if you can see it in these pics, but the mottling on the uniforms? Camo. First attempt at 15mm, and it turned out ok, though I think some more practise is in order.

These guys are handy, in that they allow a player to infiltrate another unit when attacking against a prepared defender. In FoW, soviets tend to do best at short range, and getting there typically involves an unpleasant degree of attrition. Anything that gets you closer, faster, is worth it's weight in gold.

Next up are a company (and a bit) of infantry. The fun thing about Soviets in FoW is how much stuff you can put on the table. Of course, that means you need to paint it all.





With the addition of these guys, I can now run two companies of infantry at 2 platoons each - about the minimum necessary to field an infantry-based force. I'll start them out as a motorised company, as it means I can use most of my painted armour in support, but I'll shift to regular infantry once I get more arty and anti-tank painted up. Katies are likely next on the block, or maybe some ZIS-3s.

Finally, a WiP shot of my next Bret unit, scruffy peasant archers.


Of the six basic scenarios in WFB 8th edition, one involves a contest for control of a centrally-located building. While knights and other mounted units can attack units in the building, they can't actually enter it and take posession. Hence, infantry are a necessary element in most army builds. I have about a jillian of the old Bret archers - the ones that came in the box set with lizardmen. I managed to pick up some extra heads from the new archer set, and with a little xacto work, have a 20-strong unit of archers about half done. They're also handy in that they can make their attacks flaming for a minimal investment of points, which goes a long way to cancelling units that have regeneration saves.

I'll try to get some pics tomorrow, assuming the game goes off, and will try to get another post later this week. With my cub arriving on Saturday, and exams coming up, I'm not sure how producting December will be. Keep my fingers crossed.

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