Friday, November 12, 2010

Dangerous Thoughts


Of late, I've found my interest in things Warmachine waning, and I'm having trouble putting my finger on why. I loved the game when I started playing it, and still enjoy the games I play - witness last night, when Mael was kind enough to indulge my interest in trying out the "new" Circle battlebox.

But off the table, it's just not holding me. Of late, I have zero desire to paint WM/H. I can't remember the last time I checked out the forums. I have no idea what the new releases are. The latest "OMFG that's broken" controversy fails to sway me. And to be honest, while MkII caused a brief resurgence of interest, I've been drifting this way since the last couple books of Mk I.

In contrast, I'm pulling my hair out over whether to paint more Brettonians or Soviets. My gaming time is at a premium, and I've been devoting it to those two games. I've been list-crunching for both, especially FoW, like mad.

I'm starting to wonder if it is a skirmish vs battle-game issue. Some of the Warmachine crowd at DG were playing Malifaux last night, a game I love the figs for (and for which I own a starter set). Yet, I came home with little inspiration to dig out that box and get painting. Instead, over coffee this morning, I finished sorting out teh figs for my next strelkovy company, and I'm already trying to lock in a FoW game for next week. If I didn't have so much marking right now, I'd be thinking about going to GW to get in a 8th ed game on Sunday. And I'm pretty sure once I've posted this, I'll be cruising the FoW forums looking for insight and tips.

Is this the end of skirmish gaming for me, or just a normal part of the geek cycle?



  1. It's normal. As long as you still like the game your will come back to it.

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  3. It's possible to lose the faith, man. There are so many releases, and so much product to mull over, and it's weird but I keep playing mostly Prime and Primal lists, virtually all of the time, no matter what the army is. The fanboys are irritating too. I mean, it's not like PP invented sex, or are Kropotkin's children or anything.

    If you are selling your Cryx, let me know. ;-)