Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas


For most of the last month, I've either been in end-of-term mode or dad mode, leaving little time for painting. However, the last few days have seen me at loose ends, with little to do but paint, so I've made up the time. A couple of quick pics to round off the year.

Bretonnian archers painted and (mostly) based:



Bret knights (mostly) based:


Soviet SU-76Ms painted and based:




In other news, the local gaming club has announced a small-point (600) FoW tournament in January, and I'll be playing - I'll update with pics as my tournament list gets painted, and of course, pics from the tourney. Planned list keeps changing, but current front runner is:

FE Strelk
HQ add anti-tank platoon 75
CC: 2 platoons Strelkovy = 215 / 290
SC: 4 SU-76M = 150 / 440
WC: Short Mortar (85mm) w. Observer = 70 / 510
SC2: 1 platoons flamethrowers = 90 / 600

The list gives me predictability (I'll be defending), durability (that big infantry unit plus add-ons will be hard to shift), reasonable AT (especially in defence) and good combined-arms options. I think ;)

I'm also about half-way through the mother of all trades - unloaded my Cryx, both painted and unpainted, for a metric crap ton of other stuff. I'll post pics of the great unboxing when my end arrives.

Thanks to all who've been following, and the best of the holiday to you and your families.


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  1. Brilliant work getting all of those models painted up!

    Happy Gaming,