Monday, December 6, 2010

Objective unlocked?


Just a quick update, with some close-ups of a soviet objective I finished a little while back.



How could my brave soviets not push to rescue their comrades, cut off, but bravely holding out?

I've been doing a ton of list crunching lately, playing around with different ideas, options, etc. The mid-war / late war shift has me thinking about the way that different ratings affect how a list operates and what it can do. I've also been thinking about how the different catagories of lists (infantry / mech / tank) combine with the scenarios to place different demands on lists.

While I've done this kind of thing with other games, it's the first time I've had enough of a sense of FoW to begin the process with it. The game has already revealed a fair bit of depth in terms of play, so it's nice to unlock a similar depth in list design. This is less about making an "uber" list, and more about matching the available capabilities to the demands and limitations of the role one plays in different scenarios.

Food for thought, at any rate.

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