Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hopalong Hoplites


Despite the ravages of a miserable cold, I finished up a unit of hoplites for the Pyrrhic list.




This unit is a bit of a cheat, actually. The figures and sheild designs are more appropriate for an early persian war or Peloponesse era army. The base will eventually make it's way into the planned Spartan list as allied hoplites, once I get my hands on some Itallioate hoplites to replace them. In the meantime, however, I've got three bags of early hoplites to use, so these fellas will do just fine.

On another note, I've finished up a unit of 9 soviet shermans. While these were orignially planned for my late latmented army, they're now redundant. I'm in process of flogging them on Ebay. Take a look if you're interested.

I might take a break from the 15mm stuff to do a little Dystopian Wars stuff, before getting back to the historicals again.


  1. Those are superb hoplites. I've done the same thing with 28's - that is using somewhat earlier period types for a Pyrrhic army's Greek mercs. Corinthian helmets are too cool not to be seen past the supposed "wear out" dates :)! Regards, Dean

  2. Wonderful stuff M. Incidentally, if I hear wind of you selling this army in the future, I'm flying up there myself to knock some sense into you :)