Friday, March 4, 2011

Itallian Stallions

Despite my plans to do something for Dystopian Wars, I ended up finishing another unit for the Pyrrhus list, some Itallioate cavalry.




Impetus Unit Type: CM
Base Size: 8cm x 6cm
Manufacturer: Old Glory 15mm

I've been posting links to the ancients gallery at TMP, and have found some of the comments interesting. There's apparantly a crowd out there that seems almost offended by the less-dense, "dioramic" style of basing I've been using for the cavalry. While I understand that people have different preferences (for eg., I don't care for the super-dense, crowd-the-base style), I'm not clear on why people feel the need to proselytise, or condemn other people's preferences. Is this just a case of internet misunderstanding, or are people really that hung up on the world doing things their way?

On a related topic, I managed to hang out for the first couple turns of another BI game at the Dueling Grounds on Wednesday night. This time, it was Selucids vs. Gauls, and we managed to rope in a couple innocent bystanders. It looks like Impetus might be gaining some legs among the local crowd. As an aside, you'll note that JJMicromegas remembered to bring the elephant when HE was playing it ;) (Thanks again to J for bringing the figs - it's his collection that's letting us get our feet wet while painting up our own armies).



Of course, I had to leave just before the lines clashed.


From what I gather, things went a bit more smoothly this time around. We'll be house-ruling a few additions to the BI rules (like skirmisher evasion), but is also sounds like several other people are taking the plunge into the full rule-set - can't wait to try it out.

Next up for the Pyrrhic list will be a second unit of Phalangites. I've got the figs prepped and primed, and will likely start painting them tomorrow. One of the things I appreciate about the 15mm scale is I can maintain a degree of momentum with a relatively minor investment of time. I don't want to think how long this project would take if I was painting in 28mm scale.

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