Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty please? With Sugar? And a battleaxe?


Geek activity has slowed considerably over the last week or two, and will likely continue at that pace for the next month or so. The cub arrives on the weekend, so I'll be sepnding time with him, and work is heading into the busy season. May is likely to be a tad goofy as well, for a number of reasons, so painting opportunities and posting might be intermittant.

That said, there are a number of geek-related activities that do fit into the remaining spaces of my life, notably, trolling the internet. It was whilst doing so I came across this little gem.

Oh, God, yes. Some of you might remember that part of the Mother of All Trades was a ton of Tau to go with the ones I'd gotten a little while back. The thing is, though, I've not done much with them in the months since their arrival - been busy first with FoW and lately with Impetus. Add in the fact that Tau pretty much suffer from the kiss of death in the current edition (where, from what I can gather, cc seems to be king), and I had more or less worked on the assumption that my band of alien grays was a "one-of-these-days" option.

The prospect of a codex overhaul, however, coupled with the inclusion of Squats / Demiurge has me doing the happy dance. I like Dwarfs. My first WFB army was Dwarfs. I played Dwarfs in Mordheim. I did Mid-Nor for confrontation. I've bought Hasslefree Dwarfs just to paint them. Space Dwarfs? In a Tau army? That works? I'm sold.

Just the possibility that this rumor is true has me excited about 40k again for the first time in about 6 years. Space Dwarves in a Tau army that is viable to play could very easily get me back into GW gaming in a big way.

The rumor is totally unsubstantiated of course, but apparently it's author had good info on the recent Grey Knights release. All I know is I've got a chance to play GW this weekend, and if I can, I might just dust off some Tau and take them for a spin.


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