Saturday, March 5, 2011

Painted Lady


I've had this one sitting half-done on the shelf for months now. Between personal-life crisis(-es) and my recent Impetus infatuation, things Bretonnian got a little side-tracked. She's all done now, however, and I think I might do a few more Bret bits before going back to the 15s.



I'm not sure I've done the model justice, tbh. There's so much overlapping detail that I think I needed to pay more attention to tone / contrast in order to pick things out. She'll do for a first try, however. After the mother of all trades, there's plenty of other Bret figs in the lead pile, and no doubt I'll return to one of these again in the future.

Spent some time this afternoon sorting the aforementioned pile. One of these days I'm really going to have to sit down and paint some orks - maybe in a year or two, when the cub's a little older. He's already expressed interest in my figs - he likes to play with the "grey army" while I paint, and has asked to do some painting himself. What I might do is give him some orks to paint, or maybe some of the 15s I know I won't be using, and let him have at it. If I do, I'll be sure to post the results ;)

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