Saturday, June 25, 2011

Question answered. Sort of.


Life is funny sometimes. We took a trip down to St. Catharines on Tuesday, and while down there, stopped in at a model train store so the cub could ogle trains. Turns out, the store carried Italieri Napoleonic French at less than I'd seen online, so I gave into the impulse, and picked up a couple boxes - their 6066 and 6002 codes.

So, it looks like I'm doing nappies in 1/72, probably peninsula.

I painted up a test figure last night:




I'm pleased with the result, for a first try. This is the first time I've painted a 1/72 figure since I was maybe 10, and that was an Airfix. These guys reward attention to detail, and actually have human proportions. I quite like this scale - JJM at THMG has a pile of true 25mm ancients, and they're around the same size. Big enough for detail, small enough for a sense of mass. Here's a shot comparing the Italeri fig to both a GW Bretonnian archer and a half-finished OG pikeman:


What's interesting is that the two Italeri codes are radically different in size. The 6002 code is older, and seems to fall in the middle range for 1/72, while the 6066 are much larger - to the point where the figs can't be mixed on a base. On the other hand, they are apparantly the more historically accurate figs, and are beauty sculpts.


The guys at THMG are doing LaSalle in 15mm, using a standard of 40mm x 30mm bases (the size of the bit of cardboard the figs on which the figs are standing). The 1/72 are a bit big for that base size. The larger figures are crowded in a 3x2 formation:


And the smaller are crowded in a 4x2 formation:


They do look spiffy in a 4x2 on 60mm x 40mm bases, however. I'm thinking if I go ahead with these, I'll use the larger bases, and paint up two sides myself. Another option is to chalk these up to an impulse buy / paint, bite the bullet, and go 15mm. The latter option requires some financial re-jigging, however, so if anyone is looking to pick up almost a grand's worth of Tau for $350 or so, let me know ;).


  1. Very nice painted figure! I'm looking forward to the rest of them.

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks. I've added a subscribe and follow by email option - hope that helps ;)

  3. Really nicely painted fig. You use the extra size yo add much more detail. I'm sure bigger units will be impressive.