Sunday, July 3, 2011



Got all excited last night as I finished my sixth Italeri French line figure. I was planning to some basing this morning whilst the cub watched Spongebob, but after a bit of musing and fiddling, have decided to hold off.


The main issue was what size of bases I was going to go with. Leading contenders were 50mm squares, or 60x40mm rectangles. If the latter, then the plan was to use 60mm squares for the horse and guns. I posted up questions about the size of 1/72 artillery at The Miniatures Page and Benno's Figures (thanks to those who replied, especially Guynemer, pics were great), and that took care of the 50mm option - while guns would likely fit, they'd be just a little crowded.

I was hoping the smaller bases would allow play on a smaller table, but frankly, given a) how much time it will take to finish this project, and b) the fact that I'm most likely to play at a store, the size factor isn't all that important. A second consideration was that I could get away with a 3x2 formation for the infantry, thus using less figures, thus getting units finished faster.


Then I realized that speed wasn't really a factor either. This is primarily a painting indulgence for me - it's why I'm doiing it in 1/72. If I wanted fast, I'd do 6mm or dip. I also abandoned the idea of 60x40mm rectangles for infantry - the 60mm squares are better for some of the firing / advancing poses. The squares also mean if so disposed, I can use the bases for rulesets other than Lasalle - Polemos Marechal d'Empire comes to mind.

This also led to a reassessment of my ability to base the figs I've painted. I'm coming to realise that with the 1/72 boxes, the variety of poses means they require some planning in terms of use. I'm leery of the kneeling / firing poses, as I think they detract from the sense of movement in the unit, so ended up with something like this:


To get this to work, I've included the grenadier poses that came in the box (rather than saving them to mix in with a converged grenadier unit), and went with 4 wide one each base. I like the sense of mass it gives. This means I'll need to paint up some more guys before I can get a test base finished, but that's ok. This is a project that's going to have to fit into the cracks anyway. We're on baby countdown here, so any goal-oriented expectations are going to have to take a back seat for a while. I have this happy image of two or three years from now sitting down at an 8x4 table with a couple of armies and puttering away, ideally with a cup of tea and a couple of kids peering over the table edge.


  1. Very nice painted figures FMB! And I'm pleased you solved the problem about basing.


  2. Nice work

    Superb painting detail on those figures