Monday, January 30, 2012

Cheeky Bugger . . .


Finished up a unit of skirmishing slingers.


Impetus Unit Type: S
Base Size: 8cm x 2cm
Manufacturer: Xyston, Essex(?)

In the Antigonid list, the only available slingers are Rhodian, so that's what these guys will be. Figs are a mix of Essex (I think, they're the two in bare heads and tunics) and Xyston. The latter were originally javelin armed psloi, but a little greenstuff did the trick.


I tried something a little different with the base this time, and built it up to give the impression of varying height. I'm not entirely sold on how it turned out on the narrow base, but I might try something similar on a larger one, maybe an 8x4 FL base.


Next up in production is the rear unit of the pike phalanx. With them done, all that will be left are the Persian contingent of my force, some S archers and CM cavalry. Pike likely won't be finished until the weekend, but I'm hoping to get a game in Wednesday, so with a bit of luck I'll have an AAR to break things up before then.



  1. At least that brave fellow won't get a sunburned face ;^)

  2. Very nice.

    And since they're Rhodians, they must fare a bit better than the average slingers, don't they?

  3. VBU is a bit higher. Where available, I think the extra points are worth it.

  4. Skirmish time! Now where did I leave my clothes?

    Nice mix of figures and nicely painted! I do like the built up base.