Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heffalumps complete


Finished up my "kitbash" Antigonid elephants this morning.


Impetus Unit Type: E
Base Size: 8cm x 6cm
Manufacturer: Kitbash, Dollar Store Toy, some Essex(?)


I'm reasonably pleased with how this unit turned out. There's one little patch where the green stuff looks rough, and I'm not entirely clear on how it happened; it's almost as if one small part cured much faster than the surrounding area.


I'm actually a tad shocked at how well the ellies themselves turned out - the level of texture on the figures is terrific, and it didn't take much to bring it out.


The riders, I think, are Essex. Given that the elephants cost about $2, and the riders were a free toss in on another trade, I can't complain. These will do just fine.

I've decided to limit myself to one E unit below 500 points. There seems to be an emerging consensus that both minimum and maximum restrictions should be halved in games of this size, so having only one unit seems appropriate. I'll replace the other with some Persian cavalry in the list, and an upgrade to the general. This leaves me with only 4 bases remaining, 2 S, 1 FP (pike) and 1 CM (Persian Cavalry); the end is in sight! I have some slingers primed and ready to go, so they're next, and will likely serve as Rhodians. I'm hoping to get a game in Wednesday night, so there should be an AAR up Thursday. Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. These look great! I can't believe plastic Ellies out of a bag turned out so nicely but that's a reflection to your skills with scratch building with Greenstuff and painting!

  2. Very nice indeed. The finish on the heffalumps looks great.

  3. Very nice work. I hope they stomp some sense into your opponent ;^)

  4. These look excellent. I've a soft spot for war elephants and these are top notch!