Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WIP Heffalumps


I'm a bit under the weather this week, and likely won't be out to play a game, so instead of an AAR, I thought I'd post a WIP of my elephants.


A while back, I picked up a couple bags of "Wild Jungle Animals" at the dollar store. Inside were a couple of elephant figures that looked as if they would scale well with 15mm figures; they look to stand about 10 feet at the shoulder. Since then, although the packs are still offered, the elephants inside have varied, and I've not found the same ones since.


Despite that, I thought I'd go ahead and try to use them for the Antigonids. I've added a green-stuff drape, a seat for the mahout, and have converted two old essex cavalry (couldn't tell you what code) for the mahout and rider. I'm a bit iffy on how the greenstuff turned out. To the eye, the finish looks pretty smooth, but in the photos, it seems like there are rough patches. We'll see how they paint up.


I'm also a bit iffy on the mahout. To make them fit, I had to cut the poor guys' legs off. The idea is that their legs continue underneath the elephants ears, but I'm not convinced the effect works. I'm hoping a hint of pink between the ear and the mahouts' skirts will make the suggestion work, but again, we'll see.

Worst case, I'll have viable, if imperfect, elephants to use on the table until I get more or better ones. Once these are painted, I'll post up finished pics. And, to close off, just because it makes me laugh, the return of:




  1. do you still have their legs? A bit of green stuff, and the job 's done. Well, just saying, I've never tried GS yet.

  2. The greenstuff looks fine to me!! Love the last pic, made me chuckle!!