Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pamphylian Ninjas


Next on the completion list are the first of my Phamphylian ninjas . . . I mean, skirmishers.


Impetus Unit Type: S
Base Size: 8cm x 2cm
Manufacturer: Old Glory 15mm

This was the unit that did such sterling service in my last game. I need to take at least one of these in games below 500 points, and will likely paint up another to with it.


As I've noted in the past, skirmishers play a somewhat complex role in Impetus. They're critical in the early game to screen, and help prevent early disruption and VBU loss, and in the mid-to-late game, if you can manoeuvre effectively, can pose a real threat with point-blank missile fire.


On a related note, the rest of my Spartan miniatures arrived the other day, thanks to a sale at Legends in Time. That package was closely followed by another with some Khador minis for which I traded (almost) the last of my Khador. While the latter are definitely in the "one day" pile, I'm pretty stoked about the Spartans. Along with them came some peltasts and Macedonian commanders who should do good service in the Antigonid force.

Elephants are proceeding apace, and I'm hoping to have them up on the blog by the weekend.



  1. hi, they look fantastic! well done sir!


  2. I love your shields and the way you painted the blue

  3. Love them! Especially the freehand shields. I'm still experimenting with painting white. Are you using bonewhite and working up to white for the highlights? Whatever it is, it looks great!

  4. Thanks gang. White on these, IIRC, was white mixed with a little of the GW foundation brown, and then highlighted up. I've been playing around with different whites on this project, from layered application of straight white, to warm / creme bases, to beige / cool colours. I haven't done 15mm in this variety of colours before, so I've been taking the opportunity to experiment a little.