Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Seems appropriate that on Valentine's day I post some archers.


Impetus Unit Type: S
Base Size: 8cm x 2cm
Manufacturer: Old Glory 15mm

These are Old Glory 15mm Late Persians, suitable for an Achaemenid force. The Antigonids can take a few as skirmishers in Impetus, and as with the Persian horse, likely represent troops picked up in the struggle over Babylon.


I found the painted up fairly quickly. While I wanted to keep the bright colours, I limited the palette a bit in order to finish them a bit quicker.


This is the final base for my 300 point list. I know have a viable, fully painted army for a miniature game for the first time in about a year, so needless to say, am stoked to get in a game. The guys at the club are playing Check your 6! this week, but I'm hoping to get a game in next week. In the meantime, I'll try to get some glam shots of the army assembled.

Next up will likely be some 6mm SYW French. I pushed pretty much all other projects aside in the last push to finish these guys, so want to get caught up on the SYW. I'll probably use the expansion of the Antigonids (and the start of the Spartans) as a break from knocking out French.


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