Saturday, February 11, 2012

Persian Immersion


Finished up the last cavalry unit for my 300 points of Antigonids this morning, some Persian cavalry. My guess is these are included in the list to account for local allies that joined up with Antigonus when he made his bid for Babylon.


Impetus Unit Type: CM
Base Size: 8cm x 6cm
Manufacturer: Old Glory 15mm

These guys, like a few others in the army, are a bit of a fudge. The figures are actually Old Glory's extra heavy Persian cavalry, and I suspect are intended to represent satrapal guard or other elite units in the LAP army. They are, however, the only Persian cavalry figures I have besides a few Paphlagonian light horse. In the Antigonid list, the available Persian horse are VBU 4, and seem consistent with either regular cavalry or Persian colonists. I've based them 5 to a base, rather than the 4 their VBU suggests, because I suspect in future I'll use them in an actual Persian list for what they are, heavy cavalry, once I pick up suitable replacement figures.


The figure with the mace is a bit of a conversion. One of the things I'm realising is that the figures I picked up in trade a while back actually give me the basis for several starter armies in Impetus. Later Persians are one option, although I'll need a bag or two extra, notably of command figures. In meantime, I clipped the javelin from one of the riders, repositioned the hand, and made a mace with a bit of steel wire and brass tube. It's not perfect, but it distinguishes him from the other riders, I think it works ok.


With these guys done, the only thing left is another unit of skirmishers. I think I'll do a unit of Persian bow, as this will give me one of each type (sling, javelin, bow) to experiment in game.


I'm looking forward to them, as I found painting these guys quite fun. The patterns, variety, and bright colours make for a nice change compared to the more sober colours and consistent unit schemes I used for most of the Antigonids.



  1. Those look very similar to the 25mm version that got trounced on Wednesday, very nice paint job. One of the reasons I like the Persian army is for the variety and color of their army when they are all laid out on the table.

  2. Really nice painting and nice conversion.


  3. I agree with the guys -- very colorful, nice detailing, and good variety. A very attractive unit!

  4. These guys are my favorite of your Antigonids. Great eye for color and great detail work!

  5. Really nice painting and nice conversion and more strongly.