Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi, The last of the "core" units for my Maurice army is now finished, the heavy cavalry regiment Archiac.


This brings up the total number of cavalry units in the army to 4. With the addition of a fifth (mercenary) unit when attacking, this gives me a solid force to work the flanks in most games. That's the plan anyway ;)


I've been having trouble with pictures of late. I'm thinking a good summer project may be a lightbox, so I'm less dependant on (sometimes prone to over-exposing) natural light.


I've got the above-mentioned mercenary unit painted, and in the process of being based, and to be honest, it's just in time. Much as I like 6mm scale, I'm ready for a change of pace - getting the "mercs" finished started to feel like work, something (as I've mentioned), I'm hoping to avoid. At some point in the next week or so, I'll likely do a post on the upcoming projects for the year, my 15mm Impetus Spartans, and 15mm Napoleonic Russian Guard for Lasalle, including planned army lists, and possible some discussion of bases, flags, etc. Until then, thanks for reading.


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  1. I hear you. I still have a few odds and sods to do (some single based artillery, another unit of cavalry sometime) but since they aren't urgent, I'm going to leave them til I'm more in the mood. I still have my second rank infantry units to finish off for Lasalle sometime too, but I got stuck in the "urgh" stage of painting those, so they're on the back burner for now. I did get some more longbowmen (another 4 units) painted up this weekend though for Impetus, and 2 units of cavalry in the middle stages of being done, so I'm going to work on those for the next few weeks, I think. When they're out of the way, I might do some Normans for Saga, and then I suppose I should get on with finishing off my Lasalle army, do the last few bits for Maurice and maybe eventually get around to painting up the tanks I bought for a FOW army back when there was no sign of 3rd ed. Or a new army for some other game. Probably that. :)