Thursday, June 14, 2012



These are the last (for now) of my SYW French for Maurice / Might and Reason, the dragoon regiment Aubigné.


In our Maurice campaign, they`ll serve as my mercenary unit when attacking.  I tend to like to take a fair amount of cavalry, so while I`ll likely paint up some more infantry down the road, for now, they`ll serve just fine.


As I noted in my last post, I`m ready for a break from the 6mm stuff.  I`ve been sorting through my Spartans, and will likely do a base or two of them next, followed (if they`ve arrived) by some Russian Napoleonics.


While I don`t expect the pace of painting to slow down in the foreseeable future, it`s likely to be more varied, and less project / goal oriented.  I'll have two completed armies for games that are in strong rotation at the club, so it's not like there's any pressure to get stuff done so I can actually have a game - the first time I've been in that situation for some time.  Add in the fact that both the Spartans and the Russians are projects I'd like to take my time with, and do a really good job, and it removes the "get it done" impetus even more.

I should have a post for Sunday, likely an inventory / project planning kind of thing, and then a batrep for next week.  Until then, enjoy your gaming.



  1. Very nice!
    A great work, Aubigné can be proud!

  2. Vive le Roi!! Take it to those two-trousered sausage snobs!