Saturday, July 14, 2012

All your base . . .

 . . . don't belong to us.  Which is to say, me.  As you may recall, a few posts back I noted that I'd finished up the first base's worth of Spartans, but was waiting for my Litko bases to arrive.  When they did, I realized that the magnetic bases Litko sells are quite flexible, and that I'd need some sort of rigid "underbase" to go with them.  Watts, of the THMG, put me on to Minibits as a good source for cheap bases, and I decided to give them a try. Order in, I found the package in my mailbox about a week later - much quicker than Litko. The bases themselves are great - proper dimensions, well packed, and with the edges stained (or maybe burned by the cutting tool?) a darker colour.

  144They go perfectly well with the Litko magnetic bases, and I think will do nicely for the Russian guard for Lasalle. I'm considering putting in another order of 40 x 40 bases to rebase my 1/72s as well.



The one hitch in this otherwise delightful transaction was some of the bases they sent me were the wrong size; they sent 80 x 80 instead of 80 x 30. The particularly annoying part was that it was the bases for the (still) unbased Spartans :( I sent an email to the company this morning, but will likely have to wait until Monday for a reply. Mistakes happen, and I'm more concerned with how Minibits rectifies the problem than the problem itself. Prompt shipment of the correct bases will result in further orders, and a recommendation to all and sundry. Stay posted ;) Progress on the Warmachine Khador proceeds apace. I've got all but the second unit of Men of War assembled and based, awaiting a primer coat.


I got these figs on the cheap, used, and they've needed a little TLC. Their first owner apparently believed in the "gob the glue on and pray" school of assembly, so there's been a fair bit of cussing and glue chipping involved in recovering them. I have a bit more filing to do, but in the end, I think they'll turn out okay. The plan is to begin with a 35 point Old Witch list, heavy on the Men of War. Old Witch + Scrapjack Destroyer Juggernaut MoW Shocktroopers (full) x2 Greylord Ternion Works out to 35 points on the nose. According to the board, this is a completly unworkable list, as it doesn't use the current uber Khador units. While I'm not sure of how it would operate in a serious competitive environment like nationals, I'm pretty sure it'll do just fine locally, which is where it'll be played. The Old Witch is a board control and assassination caster, and I cut my teeth in this game playing Cryx. The 10 Men of War, although slow, present some serious attrition capacity. It takes a LOT of firepower to gun through that much metal. The ternions, coupled with the witch's ability to generate clouds, prowl effects, and cast Iron Flesh, allow the MoW screen to be boosted to ridiculous DEF levels against anything not immune to cloud effects (Legion might be more challenging). They also help with DEF debuffs as the lines close and the MoW get into combat.




  1. The browned edges are because they're laser cut.

  2. And here was me thinking they were carefully brushed on by a team of tiny elves. Trust an Austrian to spoil the magic . . .

  3. Actually, it's how Father Christmas delivers them. Only he hasn't enough room in his sack, and he has an abnormally large buttcrack, so...