Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP- eddy doo-dah, wippedy. Eh?


So far, this seems to be the summer of not getting much done, but making lots of plans ;)  I've made a little headway on the Dytopian Wars project, and finished off the decking on a squadron of frigates, the remaining cruisers, and the battleship.  I've also assembled and primed the sky fortress.


I'm quite chuffed with the battleship model - I'd forgotten how much I liked it.  The detail on Spartan's stuff is terrific, and they make good use of it on the larger models.


As with the sky fortress, the battleship is magnetized.  The turrets turn, and the disruption generator at the back (the dome thing) can be swapped for twin shield generators.  I'd like to deal with the DW stuff as a coherent project, so I'll likely do the decking on the sky fortress and second frigate squadron next, and then proceed to windows, etc. for the entire fleet.  Not as focussed in terms of painting, but the goal here is to get stuff done, so the more assembly line, the better.

On a completely unrelated note, I came across a facebook post recently that put me on to this guy:

For those of you more historically oriented, it's the latest incarnation of Asphyxious (fondly referred to as "Gaspy"), from the Cryx faction of Privateer Press' Warmachine game.  Gaspy was my first warcaster way back when I started playing Warmachine, and to this day, those early games with him remain some of, if not the most, fun I've ever had playing a miniatures game.  The prospect of a new version of him had me very seriously considering starting up Cryx AGAIN (for the third time), and I went so far as to investigate the possibility of trading my Khador for some Cryx.  I held off at the last minute (as the Khador stuff I have is part of a bucket list project), but I may putter with a slow-grow 35 point list in the fall.  Gaspy revival is hard to give up.

In the process of inventorying my Khador stuff, however, I started to realize how much I missed playing the game.  I kind of burned out on Warmachine a few years back - the game had expanded beyond the point that I could effectively keep up, andgiven the nature of the game (where broken combos are part of the fun), I felt both our of the loop, and resented the "need" to keep up.

As a casual game, however, it remains both a fantastic rule set and a fun setting.  I'm regretting selling off my Cryx army.  For the last 48 hours, I've been itching to teach someone why you should never, ever, get within charge range of eDeneghra, and sorely missing the joy of a bonejack rush.  As a consequence, my geek table now looks like this.


That's the basis of a Khador Man of War list.  Basically, the antithesis of Cryx.  I've loved these models since they came out, and have started the somewhat laborious process of putting them together.

I'm finding that with both kids here, and all the stuff we're doing (lots of out and about and family visits), time for painting and playing is at a premium.  I can snatch ten or fifteen minutes here and there, but generally, that's it.  The way I paint, that's not enough, but I can do prep work under those constrains.  I get the feeling the focus this summer is going to be planning, assembling, and otherwise prepping stuff to be painted in the fall and winter.  Come the fall, I'll have a number of "black" armies I can putter with, and paint as I go.


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