Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of summer


With the end of summer closing fast, life at chez Monkey has been increasingly hectic, as we try to cram in as much as possible before the Cub heads out east for school and his mom's.  This has meant geek time's been at a premium.  I've continued to pick away at the Titan Gladiator (rather than do a rush job).  Grey tones are mostly finished, and I'm now working on the browns.


Once the brown is finished, I'll move on the bronze metallics, and then do touch-ups and details.



I've also been puttering with some French for the 1/72 project.  I find these guys knock out fairly quickly, so they've been something I can actually get finished in the time I've been able to snatch.


I've been waffling a bit on basing for these guys.  The plan is to eventually use them for Black Powder, but the basing system for that game seems basically irrational, with different base sizes for infantry and cavalry.  No doubt I'll come back to the 60 x 60 bases I've used so far, but in the meantime, it's something to get all geekistential about.


Following up on my last post, the Reaper kickstarter ended up the third most successful of all time.  There's something like 250+ figures now associated with the Vampire pledge level, i.e., more generic fantasy figs than I'll ever find a use for, coming my way in March.  Cool beans.

With fall, and a degree of normal routine, returning in a week or two, I've been trying to get a little organizing and planning done.  While I'm reserving the right to paint whatever takes my fancy, I think this fall I'd like to shoot for two main goals.  First, I'd like to get another hundred points painted for my Antigonids, bringing me up to a fully painted 400 point.  I'd also like to bring my FoW cossacks up to a playable 1000 points.  I'd really like to try out the 3rd edition rules, but as of right now, don't have the painted figs to do it.

Next week I've got a small Impetus game planned, vs. hundred year's war figs, so should have some decent picks up for Thursday.  It'll be interesting to see how the pike does against a bow / cavalry force.



  1. Impressive work on your Titan wotsit, but I'm most impressed with your Italeri Frenchmen. Your blacklining works a treat on them!

  2. Those French are gorgeous. That detail would be impressive on 28mm figs!

  3. Wonderful french minis, looking very nice!

  4. Thanks, guys. I have to adnit, there's something about this scale that's very appealing.

  5. I want to throw in as well those French are fantastic! You said you knocked them out easy but they would be so much harder for me than that warbeast. Good stuff!