Saturday, September 1, 2012



Kind of a mixed bag this week.  We took the Cub to the Royal Ontario Museum the other day, as a last hurrah before he goes back east to his mom's.  The ROM has in a travelling exhibition of Gondwana dinosaurs, including several "new" dinos only discovered in the last 20 years or so (i.e., long after my own dino phase was over).  As the cub is something of a dinomaniac, it seemed like a good thing to do.

Whilst there, I managed to sneak up to the 3rd floor to the ancient civilizations exhibits, and scored some nifty pics.  They recently renovated, and their Roman stuff, especially, is now set up rather nattily.

 From what I gather, some of the new stuff is from a family collection.  There's also some rather nifty pieces from Roman Britain, but I didn't get pics, as by that point both the Cub and Puddin' were approaching melt-down levels of fatigue.

 I did mange to sneak over to the coins exhibit, and got all warm and fuzzy looking at the successor's displays.  While they don't have any coins from ol' One Eye, they do have some rather tasty pieces for Demetrios and Gonatos.

 Interestingly, while the bio on Demitrios does mention his fame as a besieger of cities, they overlook the whole "attempted boy rape ending up in suicide by boiling" thing.  Can't imagine why.

 For Watts, self-elected dictator for life of the THMG boards and an aspiring Lysimachid general:

For Monty, of Twin Cities Gamer:

And for my own, "One of these days . . . " self:



  1. Looks like a great family trip. Kudos for taking the family in tow as that'll pay dividends years down the road for you. Seriously, I hear folks say their kids refuse to step foot in a museum of any kind!


    Thanks for sharing the coin of Mithridates. I love that one, and the dino too!

  2. Great idea for an end of summer family outing and the Roman exhibit is good inspiration for painting. Makes you want to head on over to the Valdemar site.