Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One-eyed monster


Finally got this guy finished.


Model:  Cyclops Savage
Type:  Light Warbeast
Faction:  Skorne

The Savage is one of the beasts that comes in the Skorne warpack, and as a light offensive beast, is one of the all-rounders that often seems to get bumped in favour of more specialized options.  The model has grown on me considerably over the years; it used to be one of the few Skorne models I actively disliked.  The animus it carries, Prescience, is fantastic, as it goes a long way towards boosting fury efficiency on critical turns.  It's fast, has reach, is reasonably accurate, and with the range of available Skorne buffs, can do some damage against all but the hardest of targets.


I came across a suggestion on the PP forums the other day about running one with Paingiver Bloodrunners.  I may just give this a try, as it would make a good module in an eMorghul tier list, which is something I plan on doing eventually.

Looking at the photos, I can see a couple places where my "big guy" painting has gottne rusty - the metallics on the sword could be crisper, and I'm not convinced with the texture on the hip plates.  The photos are a little dark, as well, and seem to be washing out the contrast between the cooler greys and the warmer browns.  One of these days I'll have the time and space to set up a decent lighting system.


I swapped out the bottom half of the standard's pole with a piece of brass rod, which I pinned into the bottom of the Savage.  The flag sits in the brass rod via a projecting pin.  This allow me to remove it for carrying / storage, which prevents the breaking that's almost inevitable with the default constructions.

As a test figure, I'm pleased.  The colour scheme is subtle, but works reasonably well.  I'm going to try to get more of the lapis / blue colour in the next model I paint, as the few bits here seem to pop (hard to see in the pics, looks better in RL.  Hopefully, the first of many Skorne models.



  1. Love the figure and color scheme! It is so far and away different from anything I've painted. Your basing is top notch as well. I can hear the siren song of Sci-Fi/steampunk, dang you!

  2. Like Monty I like the colours and the basing is inspired.