Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sparta #1


Finally got these fellows based up properly.


Impetus Unit Type:  FP
Base Size:  8cm x 3cm
Manufacturer:  Xyston 15mm

They're the rear base of a large unit of hoplites.  I tried to divide up the figures so that the front base will have some of the more heavily armoured figures.  Spears on these are plastic broom bristles, flattened and trimmed.  First try with that, but they'll serve.


In game, Spartan infantry are some of the best units around.  They're mobile (though as FP, not exactly quick), have excellent morale, and are hard-hitting.  They're also rather expensive, so I doubt I'll have more that two or three large units, at least at the 3-400 point level.


 The basing on these is similar to what I did with my Antigonids, but the colours are a little warmer, and I'm trying to include a little more ground cover.  If I like the effect, I may go back and add some to the Antigonids as well.

I've also been slowly puttering with the gladiator for my Skorne.  It's been a while since I painted one of these, and I forgot how much detail was packed into the figure.

088 - Copy

This is one of my favorite models in the PP range, and was what originally attracted me to Skorne.  I'm trying to take my time with this, and enjoy the process.

089 - Copy

I find of late my geek attention has been flitting around a lot.  Some of the guys at the THMG are starting up a Mordheim inspired Song of Blades and Heroes thing which looks appealing.  I've also had an itch to paint up some of my GW stuff - orks and Brets, mostly.  Meanwhile, my Spartans stare accusingly at me from the painting table, and I kind of want to at least paint some test figures for my Russians.  Oh, and the half-finished 1/72 French unit is kind of sulking about as well.  I'm hoping through the fall I can get games of Impetus or Maurice on a regular basis (with some Warmachine for flavour?), while I more or less paint whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.  As long as I don't get hung up on "needing" to finish, it should be fun.



  1. Hoplites are looking very very nice! Great painting style, and beautiful shields!

  2. Spartans always are cool and yours look great!


  3. Great start to your new Impetus project! I especially love the idea of using broom bristles as I'd been using Xyston spears. They're super expensive and super sharp so I have to go another route. Wonder what the wife will think when the broom is missing all of its bristles!

    And Skorne is a great looking bad@ss as well!