Sunday, March 24, 2013



Bit of a mix today, I'm afraid.  Wednesday's game has me very excited about Dystopian Wars, and I've begun work on another 200 points of Blazing Sun, consisting of a Tenkei sky fortress (think S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier), another Nakatsu, and a fleet's worth of Tiny Flier tokens.


The TF tokens are turning out to be the more time-consuming part of the job ;)


Meanwhile, despite fairly mediocre-ly-laid plans, I decided to not go to Hot Lead at the last minute, and spend my birthday (my 40th!) at home with my girls, drinking Glenlivet and watching the Hobbit (both gifts from the Beloved).  The Hobbit, by the way, was much better than I had expected from all the internet whinging.  I'll take a mushroom-popping Rhadagast on a rabbit sled over Legolas stair-surfing any day.

Weed and mushrooms, together at last.

This morning, when I checked the club boards to see what the guys who went had to say, I discovered the lot of them took advantage of discounts at the show to buy into Firestorm Armada (the Spartan space game).  This more or less settled for me the question of on what to spend a bit of birthday filthy  lucre.
The filthiest picture on the internet.
As most of the factions seemed to have been selected (other than Terran, but meh), I decided to go with Relthoza.  Cool-looking ships, good fighter support, best-looking dreadnaught in the game, cloaking technology, plus, they're carnivorous, feudal, honour-dueling arachnids.  I figure, what's not to like?

It's going to take more than a rolled-up newspaper.

I've been interested in FA for a while, but never jumped due to lack of opportunity.  The one guy I knew who played did so at a fairly far-away store, and at times I generally couldn't.  With the THMG bandwagon fully-manned, however, that problem is solved.  I'm taking advantage of Miniwargaming's "GW are a pack of bastards" sale to pick up a starter set, carrier, and a few odds and bobs for my Blazing Sun.

Vonplutz and I have a Maurice campaign game scheduled for Wednesday, and in three weeks, we've scheduled another DW game.  Not sure about in-between, but I should be able to get some painting done, and posts up.



  1. Happy 40th and cheers to you and your family!

    I finally watched The Hobbit last night as well and loved it! Whats not to love, and why did I wait so long to see it?

    And I love getting a peek at your painting queue. You have alot of cool fantasy stuff ready to go.

  2. Thanks Monty :)

    Painting queue is subject to revision without notice. For instance, I suspect some of what's on there will get bumped when the Firestorm armada stuff gets in ;)

  3. Happy 40th and welcome the Firestorm figure owners club.