Thursday, March 28, 2013

When it rains . . .

 . . . it pours sunshine and kittens, apparently.

I got in a rather one-sided game of Maurice last night, but managed to forget my camera.  My opponent was kinf enough to take some pictures, so I'll likely get a detailed AAR up on the weekend.  In the meantime, a campaign report can be found here.

Another hodge-podge for today, but a bunch of interesting things going on.  For starters, there's some givaways going on on other blogs.  Over at Anne's Attic, Anne has supplemented her usual tongue-in-cheekiness with offers of material gain.  Feel free to check out her blog, and maybe enter her give-away.  The Blog with no Name is doing something similar, with a rash of give-aways including one for some spiffy 6mm terrain.  Check it out.

I've also just heard, via eagle-eyed ernieR and the guys at that the upcoming Soviet book for BA is pretty hot.  More importantly, it includes cossacks!  Going to have to take a look at rebasing the guys I have for FoW, who are currently gathering dust.  Tachanka rules are also in the book, so there may be some more WWII painting in the works.

Totally ripped off from

While I continue to plug away at the Tenkei Sky-fortress, I've also been pouring over the Firestorm Armada rules getting a feel for some of the differences between them and the rules for DW.  An immediate one was the difference in role small fliers play.  In FSA, TFTs can adopt a wider range of specialist roles, including assaulters.  In addition, all TFTs must be bought, and when bought, are assigned a dedicated role.  In other words, they're much less flexible than in DW.  A free download of the FSA rules are available, by the way, at the Spartan website, here. Check them out, it looks like a cool game.

Finally, since the guys got back from Hot Lead, there's been much forum chatter, including some preliminary discussion of hosting a convention here in Toronto, probably late in the Fall, as well as some speculation around possible event games we could put on at Hot Lead next year.  Black Powder caught the gang's eye, based on what was apparently a smashing 1812 game at the convention (it's covered well at Rabbits in my Basement, and Watts has posted pics as well).

Totally ripped off from Watts.  Go check out his cool pics.

This got me thinking again in terms of long-term stuff.  A long term thing for me has always been wanting to do a Bactrian / Indo-Greek project.  While in the last few years, I've thought of this in terms of Impetus, I also kind of like the idea of a long-term, larger (i.e. 28mm scale) project.  This in turn got me thinking about adapting the Song of Blades and Heroes rules to historical skirmish play.  The Afghan / Northern India region is fertile ground for this kind of thing, and the SBH rules are scaleable enough that one could start out with some Thureophoroi and archers and end up rationalizing an elephant, on the way to a bigger project.  Nothing firm or committed here but it's got me thinking about a "big boy" project in viable terms.  Now I jsut have to price out some 28mm ancients, and see about selling off some other stuff to finance the preliminaries.

Neither the first, nor the last.

In the meantime, I'm looking to keep plugging away on the backlog - Dystopian Wars, Bolt Action, Muskets and Tomahawks, and Impetus.  Oh, and now Firestorm, I guess.  It's a tough row to hoe, but I guess I'll manage ;)



  1. Thank you for the shoutout. I always advocate doing some 28mm as generally there's more detail in the sculpts and the painting experience is better (for me anyway).

  2. Always good to have a new master plan for something!

  3. Sounds like a plan, well up to the point you price it up LOL. I tend to fund my addiction by selling stuff

    Thanks for the plug as well