Sunday, April 7, 2013



So, as expected, work has been gonzo, and I had to bring a pile home, which has more or less kyboshed the painting over the last couple days.  Wednesday's game might be a little less fully painted than anticipated.

In addition, while I had planned to do a battle report of my second game Wedensday night, a quick 400 point game of Dystopian Wars against Foxlington.  As it turns out, however, I managed to only take two pictures, which doesn't do much for the visual narrative.  It was actually a fairly brief affair.  It was Fox's first game, and we mostly focused on getting core rules down, and trying to use the various attack options.  Also, he pretty much kicked my ass ;)


We followed a standard deployment, three squadrons each, and set two.  I consistently won initiative, and the general plan was to push forward the Nakatsus as a preliminary screen, followed up by my Uwatsu frigates and the battleship.  What actually happened was Fox blew away my cruisers, out-damaged my frigates, and the battleship never got closer than RB 3 before we called the game for time.


Pound for pound, the FSA ships hit hard, and they do it at ranges further than my own.  I tried to use a couple-three frigates to board one of his cruisers, but despite having to divide his dice, most of my attackers were blown out of the sky by AA.  I was consistently surprised by the across-the-board high stats of the FSA ships.  EotBS has a couple of advantages, including a slight bump in crit rating and mobility, but clearly, I've got some learning to do when it comes to exploiting them vs. the 'Murcan fleet.

I've got a busy couple of days coming up, but so far, this are a go for Wednesday's game.  In the meantime, I'll try to get as much painting done as I can.


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  1. That game looks totally fun.. and good luck with getting some painting done. :)