Sunday, April 14, 2013

Novelty Value


Work continues in its maddened state, which means negligible progress on the painting front; add in that my Wednesday night opponent had to bow out due to a plumbing emergency (shit really DOES happen, apparently), and the week's been something of a wash in terms of productivity.

That said, it's not been without event.  For starters, I found out about this:

So, Guillermo del Toro does giant robots vs. monsters?  Yes, please!  I don't know how this escaped my attention before, but my summer 'splosion movie seems to be lined up.

Spiders.  With guns.

I also had a package arrive in the mail; the long-expected package from Miniwargames arrived.  Inside was both my Relthoza fleet for Firestorm Armada (starter box, carrier, token set), along with some escorts for the Blazing Sun.  I have to say, whatever delays caused by the closing-out process, MWG maintained excellent customer service to the end, with rapid communication, some of the best I've had.  It's a real shame the new GW retail policies are pushing them out of business.  I just wish I'd heard about them before they were forced to close shop.

Three ships classes, plus a bag of add-on bits, and a bag for the bases.

The Relthoza ships themselves are pretty impressive.  For starters, they're big, especially the battleship, which dwarfs its Blazing Sun equivalent, even before assembly.

Once the side panels are added, it should bulk out considerably.

The bigger ships are multi-part resin, but a pretty clear set of instructions is included in the box, along with a full set of tokens for the fleet.  The small vessels are cast in metal, again, multi-part.  I think they'll likely need a little greenstuff to make the join solid, but otherwise, all the models look pretty good.

Tab A, slot B, etc.

This arrival has whet my appetite for the forthcoming Reaper Kickstarter box.  According to the latest report from Reaper, these are starting to ship, and I'm anticipating mine in the next month or so.  That's a lot of figs incoming ;)  Not sure where I'll store the damn things, mind . . . .

There are plans at the club for a big 25mm Hail Caesar game this Wednesday; I've got my fingers crossed that things work out.  I'm keen to see these rules in play, so I hope nothing comes up.



  1. Aha ! I took the precaution of ordering cases for all those minis!

  2. I never know what new line or rules I'll learn about when I click into your blog! I'd appreciate your opinion of HC if you get a game in. I've suggested our group try it but somehow, it has the rep that you need a ref/manager for the game.

  3. I'll have to take my Rense System Navy out for a spin against your Relthoza sometime!