Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good things . . .

. . . come in threes.  Fours, when I can pick up an extra model.


This is the completed Nakatsu squadron for my Blazing Sun fleet.  I painted the first as the original test model more than two years ago.  The second was painted a while back, and has seen action, though it's never had a blog post of it's own.


The Nakatsu seems to get a bad rap, at least on the Spartan boards, but so far, I've found it to be pretty serviceable.  I can actually run them in squadrons of four, so I suspect I'll eventually pick up either another blister, or one of the Tanuki gunships (which can be attached to "fill out" the squadron).


I've deliberately gone for a more scruffy, weather-beaten look on these ships; for the fleet as a whole, really. I've also found, in some ways, that this has been something of a painting challenge for me.  The techniques I usually use to paint a figure don't really work as well on these models, and I've resorted to a combination of washes and dry-brushing, techniques I usually avoid.  It's struck me how out of practise I am with both, so doing this fleet has been good from a technical standpoint.


I now have 600 points fully painted.  There are definite plans for expansion (next up, Ika robot squid and another squadron of frigates) , but no rush.  600 points is playable, if small, and it gives me a good core from which to build.



  1. Your brushwork on these vessels is really quite striking. The resulting effect is crisp and pleasing to the eye.

  2. I gotta second Jonathan here. Those ships are really crisp like he said and that coloration is fantastic! Really well done!

  3. A wonderful fleet! Your Hover carrier is my fav. Make sure you yell out tora, tora, tora when you launch your planes next meet up. ;-)