Monday, June 3, 2013

Rally to the colours


Finally got around to something I've been meaning to do for a while, which was fix up the flags for my 6mm SYW French.  While I've been quite pleased with the Baccus flags, the fact that the flagpoles are cast on has meant a degree if inevitable wear and tear.


So I sat down the other day with some clippers, a pin vise, and some steel wire to fix things up.  It was a bit fiddly in parts, as the flagpoles on the figures are held in tight to the body, but once I had the old ones stripped away, putting new ones in was easy.


I downloaded the flags from the Seven Years War project at Kronoskaf. For those of you who've not yet found this gem, it's the best SYW resource I know of on the web.  I re-sized the flags, and printed them off. I deliberately made them over-scale.  While it may annoy purists, I like the look of the bigger flags on the table.

Work continues on both the Spartans and my M&T project, so I should have a painting update soon.  Until then, happy gaming.



  1. Nice 6mm SYW collection. Completely agree with both your recommendation of Kronoskaf SYW Project and the use of oversized flags. I use that website to make flags for my 18mm SYW project and to check uniform details.

  2. Amazing! The spectacle of large flags on the table is always so impressive. That is a great army!

  3. Your lovely troops just got more lovely. Viva la France!

  4. Very nice work, gotta agree with having them oversized, they do look so much better.

  5. Excellent SYW army - the flags really make them stand out.

  6. Very nice, FMB! Well worth the effort.

  7. Nicely done, seems to be the month for fixing flags I'm doing the same thing at the moment for a few different armies.

  8. Yes indeed Kronoskaf is my SYW go to site for all things SYW. Your French look great and I like my flags oversized as well.