Friday, November 8, 2013

P2P Update, and a thank-you.


Got in some more work on the figures for our Pewter to Poppies submission.


Mostly detail work at this stage, as the main colours are blocked in.  The lacing on the mounted general is going to be a bit of a headache.


In other news, I received a package in the mail a few days back, and inside was this:

It's the book I won from Jonathan's give-away at the Palouse Journal.  It actually turns out to be a little different than I expected.  What I thought it would be was a fairly standard "here's the places we keep fighting" survey (Fulda gap, Syria, etc.), but instead, it offers a survey of terrain types.  There are short chapters on, say, a river crossing, or woods, or jungle, a discussion of the impact of that terrain on how combat can occur, and then an illustrative case example.  Interesting reading, with lots of lavish illustrations and maps.  Many thanks to Jonathan for the book, I'm enjoying it.


  1. Relieved to see that the book arrived. Now, all books have reached their destinations.

    1. Had some trouble knocking sense into the post office, but eventually they saw reason ;)

  2. Love it, especially the hussar on foot! All that braiding had to be a bit of a chore but it looks great!