Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pewter to Poppies finished.

Hi all,

Managed to squeak my contribution to our Pewter to Poppies fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior fund in just under the wire; I finished the flocking this afternoon while my daughter napped.


I'm reasonably please with how it turned out.  It's mounted on a 40x40 mm base, suitable as a command stand in most games that use them.


I did my best to make it a little scene, with the Hussar pointing out some detail to a higher commander.  The former is of the 7th, the mounted officer and infantry division commander, although he's a bit presumptuous in his hat plumes.


I tried to bring out a bit of detail on what are some rather nice sculpts.  I'm pleased with the lacing on the mounted officer's wrists, and the horse really is a nice sculpt; Italeri do them well.

The next step will be to put up this, along with the other contributions, on Ebay, probably starting towards the end of the week.  I'll be promoting the auction here and elsewhere when it starts, so stay tuned.  There's some nice figures up for grabs, and the money goes to a good cause.



  1. Better and better...the foot Hussar is really awesome to me!

  2. Great work both the commander and hussar work well together as a diaroma.

  3. Nice vignette! I agree with Phil; the hussar officer is rendered very well.

  4. Very nice flock mix! How many types did you mix/layer?

    1. Mikko, it's2 layers. The first is a mix of GF9 and GW green flock - one's a little chunkier, but they're both sort of mid-tone green. The second is Woodland Scenics, a darker shade.

  5. Great work for a great cause! Someone is going to be thrilled to score this.