Sunday, December 8, 2013



The last few (okay, several) weeks have been slow in terms of painting.  Work at this time of year is pretty gonzo, and I find by the time I drag myself home, I lack the energy or inclination to sit down with a brush.  It could also be the time of year, as the world has been looking particularly gloomy of late, which does little to improve my frame of mind. I'm getting to the point where I miss painting, to be honest, but I've not been feeling it, and I learned some time ago that forcing projects, and turning them into work, is generally a bad idea.

On a happy note, I had a package arrive as part of the Blogger Secret Santa organized by Ian at The Blog with No Name, and his enormously patient wife, Cath.   I opened it just enough to confirm it was from Secret Santa, and have since handed it over to my own Beloved for safe-keeping.  Now I just have to patiently wait for Christmas to find out what the man in the red suit brought.  I'm still waiting for word that the package I sent out has arrived.  It was supposedly shipped weeks ago, so I'm working on the assumption the Royal Mail is simply dragging its heels.

I've one more thoroughly busy week coming up, and then things hopefully will begin to settle down a bit.  With a little luck, I should have a few easy days where I can do some Christmas prep, and then the Cub arrives, and we'll be in full Holiday mode.

With a little over three weeks left in the year, I was looking at my start-of-the-year goals and taking stock.  The plan had been to bring my Antigonids and M&T French to 400 points, my BA Soviets to 500, my Skorne to 35, paint an Ayyubid force, and start fantasy Impetus Rohhirim. Instead, I brought my Soviets to over 1000 points, started both Ayyubids and Spartans for Impetus, finished 200 points of French, 15 points of Skorne, a human team for Bloodbowl, finished up a small playable force for Dystopian Wars.  Not bad, I think.



  1. Wish my year had gone that well. I was actually planning a whole day's painting today but events conspired against me and I managed about 40 minutes! It's not helped by the fact that I can't paint under artificial light and it's so dark!

  2. Cath is rather chuffed with your comment and she has had a blast from running it this year


  3. You had a quite productive year on the painting front. No need to beat yourself up over a recent painting drought. There are many days when I feel exactly the same as you after work; to tired to make it into the game room for a bout of painting. Especially noticeable during the short and cold days of winter. I'm sure the painting motivation will return. Starting a new project ALWAYS works for me.

    Take care,

  4. It happens to me at least a couple times every year so chin up the urge to paint will return.:-)


  5. I had almost 3 months from the brushes after the challenge last year, and completely lost my funk we all get it and I am sure you will get it back you have achieved a lot this year

  6. As someone who follows your blog quite closely, I'd say you should move the "not bad" to an "excellent" year. It's been fun to follow as well!

  7. I'm guessing 'painters block' affects us all at some stage. I'm going through it at the moment and strangely enough it was the same this time last year. The painter muse will return but in its own time.


  8. I'll get some Athenians done and based and maybe that will get you finishing your Spartans.

  9. Been in funk for quite a while myself, I'm hoping a painting challenge will help?