Friday, December 6, 2013

P2P, Omega threat

We're into the last hours of the Pewter to Poppies fundraiser the club is doing for the Wounded Warrior fund is up and running.  Auctions can be found here, and in addition to my napoleonic piece, there are several others as well - do please take the time to check them out.

If any readers are willing, I'd very much appreciate help promoting the fund-raiser.  The links above can be used to provide info on the project, and link to the related auctions.

I got down to the club Wednesday night for some pre-game gaming (Magic) and our first trial of Level 7:  Omega Protocol.  Otherdave brought the game in for his first trip out to the club in a while, and five of us sat down to contain the alien menace.


The game uses reversible room and corridor templates for variance between scenarios.  Each player takes one or more members of the marine squad (we each took one), and selects from a variety of optional gear.  I took enhanced marksmanship, an advanced medkit, and a remote sentry drone (always nice to have another shooter on the team ;) ).  We cracked the initial door, moved into the complex, and discovered some alien peons, of whom we made short work.


The core mechanic of the game is the generation of resource tokens (adrenaline) for the game-master.  The more the players try to do in a turn, the more adrenaline they generate.  At the end of the players turn, they give all generated adrenaline to the GM, who can use it for various nefarious purposes, including spawning aliens, creating environmental hazards and other sneakiness.

Our mission in the scenario had two components.  First, we had to locate the former base commander's office and obtain the security codes.  Then, we had to find the elevator to the lower levels.  The first part proved relatively easy, as the office proved to be the first room we searched (determined randomly, it could have been any of the 4 main rooms in the lay-out).


The second part would prove a bit trickier.  We proceeded down the hallway to the second room, but on the way, triggered an ambush.  Aliens started to pop up all over the place, and what was worse, they started using the air vents to pop out behind us and break up the squad.


Bad-ass marines that we were, we pushed through, blowing apart aliens just a bit faster than they could spawn.  Most of the team was at least slightly wounded, and my second and last drone went down under  a swarm, but we were closing in on the elevator shaft.


We had a scary moment when one of our team, the heavy weapons specialist piloted by Nick the Lemming, was swarmed by a pack of aliens, and went to "downed" health status (i.e., severely compromised in terms of movement and available actions) at about the same time we hit the crisis phase of the game (where players can actually die).  Thankfully, I and two others were within range of the elevator.  We blew a hole through the aliens guarding it, and got enough of our guys inside to meet the scenario objective before the pack pulled Nick down.


It's a fun game, one we all seemed to enjoy, and I'm looking forward to the next scenario in the game.


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  1. yes that was fun , we must do it again . Nick and i were talking about it and i think you could substitute GI's and Germans for space marines and aliens , make a few more changes and you could have a historical game :)