Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Waaaght's up?

So, pursuant to the nostalgia post from a ways back, I actually broke out a few half-painted 40k orks, and finished them up.


The inter-tubes have been abuzz of late with various rumours and leaks.  One thing that caught my attention is a force organization chart that's apparently in the new Codex, one that's geared towards the classic green tide.  While it's awkward for organized or time-limited play, a wall of orks is pretty much the classic image for the faction, so the prospect of game mechanics that reward (or otherwise make viable) that kind of list is appealing.


I've got with a bit of a patchwork colour scheme, but with a few elements tying it together, notably the blue, and the warm orange-y browns.


I like a lot of dakka with my orks, so I figured I'd start with some shoota boys.  For any number of reasons (starting with I'd need to paint about a hundred more), I doubt they'll see table soon, but they're still fun to paint.  Puddin' has also taken a shine to them (along with my Brettonian "horsies"), so they'll serve as a break from historicals from time to time.


I've been travelling quite a bit for work of late, so gaming / painting's at a bit of a premium.  Things at casa di monkey are still in flux, and the Cub arrives in less than a week, so posting may get even more irregular than usual.  I am hoping to get down to DG tonight, so hopefully will have at least one more decent post.