Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Big news in Monkeyland.

We're moving to Halifax (in Nova Scotia, for you olde worlde types).  In less than a month.  Having rather quickly gone from having no job prospects in the Fall to having several, we've opted to move East, primarily as this puts us much closer to the Cub through his school year.  Close enough to see him most weekends, rather than once every several months.  This also, of course, has some implications for my hobby, chief among them that I'll no longer be able to game with the THMG.  This is the thing I'll miss most about Toronto, as I've had the privilege of gaming a wide variety of genres and periods with some absolutely spectacular people.  If any of you ever find yourself in Toronto, look up the THMG, they're good people.  Also, go to their convention, Hold the Line.  This weekend.  In Toronto.

In point of fact, gaming in general will likely be severely curtailed.  Work will be, I suspect, of an intensity I've not yet experienced.  On the one hand this means a degree of personal growth (and hopefully an opportunity for longer-term employment).  On the other, it means much more limited time available for my hobby.  My suspicion is that I'll have few chances for gaming itself, but should be able to still do at least a little painting.  While I'm aware of both Privateer Press and GW communities in the Halifax area, historical gaming seems a little limited (the one group I know of seems dedicated primarily to naval), and evenings and weekends will likely be devoted to family.

This, of course, has me doing a fair bit of hobby rumination and navel gazing.  One option is simply to putter along as I have, picking away at the lead pile at whatever happens to grab my interest at the time.  Another is to pick one (or two, or let's be realistic, three) projects to focus on.  If I opt for the latter, I'll want to do something where the process of painting itself gives me a degree of pleasure.

The Acadian project I mentioned in my last post is a strong contender for the "concentration" approach, not least because of where I'll be living.  On the other hand, the removal of the need to get things done to get them on the table also means I can turn my hand to any number of projects that have been languishing for want of "urgency".  The Magpie is dead, long live the Magpie.

I hope to maintain the blog despite the reductions in available time.  I've "met" dozens of people via this thing, and lived vicariously through any number of projects.  I hope, however, those of you following this will have some patience with me in the next few months, as between the arrival of Cub, the move, and the hustle of starting a new job, I suspect updates will be erratic.  Wish me the best.



  1. Best of luck with the move. I can tell you I've always enjoyed your posts, and even if their frequency decreases I hope you still manage to deliver the periodical dispatch!

  2. Those sound like very positive developments, particularly seeing the cub more often. Godspeed old chap.

  3. Congratulations on securing a new job! Best wishes on the move, settling in, and finding time for your hobby.

  4. Best wishes for the future. With a name like Nova Scotia, it must be good!

  5. Best wishes Markus. You'll be very much missed here - it's always been a pleasure playing against you, even on those (few) occasions when you've somehow managed to win (usually by underhand means, of course).

    And do concentrate on the Acadians - sounds like an awesome project. Mix a few other bits and pieces in there as you go too though, for something different when you fancy a change.

  6. Wish I was moving back to Halifax. I am sure that you'll enjoy life on the east coast. This is the first I've heard about the Hold the Line Convention. Too bad as I might have been willing to take a trip to TO if I had more time to prepare. Is this a yearly event?

  7. Congrats, Marcus! This is such a big change, and with such big family and work upsides. Best of luck as you make your way! With the Cub, you've got a gaming club of 2 and growing.