Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lords of the Backcountry


Finished up another unit of Compagnie Franche de la Marine today, along with some officers.


I'm not as happy with these guys as the first batch.  Not sure if it's just a darker blue, or if I rushed them a little.  They're serviceable, but they don't tickle me the way the first batch did.


With these finished, I'm within spitting distance of 400 points.  Another unit of natives, and some talents for the officers, and I'm good to go.



With that in mind, I've been poking around looking for ideas to build around.  I came across some discussion of the fighting in Acadie (modern-day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick).  This includes both the conflicts preceding the SYW (like Father Le Loutre's War), the guerrilla fighting surrounding the Acadian Expulsion, and formal campaigns like that of the Bay of Fundy.

There's plenty of unit types on both sides, lots of gaming potential, but it's a little different than the traditional "Hudson corridor" story of the conflict.  I'm going to pick up some 4ground buildings, and some more BM figs, and see what I can work up.



  1. Marcus, the rankers look like they may not be wearing the justaucorps. If so, the sleeves would be part of the waistcoat and blue in color. Having never seen these figures, it is hard to tell so I could be in error. They look great to me.


  2. It's a tough call - the first test figure I painted of these a ways back I did with blue sleeves, and was told the waistcoat was sleeveless. It's an easy fix, though, thanks Jonathan.


    1. Please get a second opinion before repainting! I did a quick Google search for "French de la marine" images and the waistcoat looks to have blue sleeves. I may have to see if my FIW uniform sketchbook offers and insight.

  3. Love the French marines! Looks like they're ready to give the Brits the business. Oh, and if you haven't built a 4ground building, let me be the first to say you'll love it!

  4. Wouldn't worry about these - they look great!

  5. Great looking French Marine troops!

  6. It's nice to see them from the front, usually I only ever get to see them as they're running away.

    Man, I'm going to miss saying that when you leave.