Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blowing a horn


Finished up another Peg knight the other day, this one the musician for the unit.


Colours were a product of my kids, the favourite colour of each.  I leave it up to the viewer to decide which preferred which.


The sudden burst of Bretonnishness is partly a product of the availability of gaming here, and partly with a specific goal in mind.


While there does appear to be a historical community in Halifax, there don't seem to be many people playing games for which I have figs, and scheduling, at least so far, has been difficult (though I want to make it work at some point, I'm jonesing for a historical game).  There is an active GW community, however, and access / scheduling for that has been relatively easy.


They're running a 1000 point tournament this coming Saturday, using the just-released "End Times" rules.  I'll not be taking much advantage of that, as I'm hoping to be as close to fully painted as I can swing, and don't have much that could exploit the expansion's options, but it will be a chance to get in some games, and brush up on rules etc. a little more.  The poor Brets have been sitting on the shelf unloved for several years now, and are past due an outing.


The Acadian project's been on hold, painting-wise, but I've been reading up a storm.  Just finished Grenier's "Far Reaches of Empire", which provides a closer look at the guerilla fighting and military side of the events leading up the Acadian expulsion, and also offers a bit of a counterpoint in perspective to Faragher's more cultural approach.  Grenier assesses the Expulsion as a military decision, while Faragher is far more concerned with its impact on the Acadian people and their culture.  I'm going to take a bit of a break from recreational non-fiction for a few days (hit up the library near us for the first time, and found a treasure trove of BPRD graphic novels), but will probably get back to reading later this week.

On a final note, Ian, over at the the Blog with no name, has talked his wife Cath into running the Secret Santa again for this year.  While to my shame I've not yet painted up last year's gift (I will, I promise!), I'm doing it again this year.  Shopping for geeks is fun ;)  If you've not yet jumped in on this, I'd recommend it.



  1. Great painting, I really like your shading here! Is there anything cooler than a knight on a Pegasus?

  2. What a nice figure, so epic. Great brushwork!

  3. Spectacular! Fantastic job on the wings!

  4. Nice work! The pink (er, rose) works for me.

    When either opponents are lacking or schedule coordination is impossible, solo gaming works provides a great alternative for me. Perhaps, for you too?