Thursday, September 4, 2014

Slow Finish


This guy has been sitting on the shelf about 80% finished for the last several years.  The Nagash, "world is ending", business coming out of GW has me looking at WFB lately, and I decided to finish him up.


3 more of these, and I'll have a round 1000 points of Brets painted.  Wit that in mind, I trundled myself down to the local G-dub Sunday for a "How do you play this again?" game, with, as it turns out, the store manager.  He took ogres, and we played the one with the banner points as a win condition.  I, of course, forgot my camera.  I was reminded of how much more I like WFB, a a game, compared to 40k (though I should get in a game of the latter to judge fairly).  I might putter with the Brets a bit, maybe try to get in some Nagash related games.


I've noticed lately that the pics I've been taking seem fuzzy.  I'm wondering if the Puddin', who like to play with the camera, has managed to muck up the lens.  Anyone have tips on cleaning a camera lens?


In other news, I've got my first unit of Massachusetts provincials based up and primed.  Looking forward to painting these.  The colours will be a nice break from my French.



  1. Looking good, Marcus!

    From time to time, I look over at WHFB and think I'd like to get back in. I'd love to hear your thoughts as you give it a go. I don't even know what it plays like anymore.

  2. I quite like the new edition. There's a bit of a rock-paper-scissors thing going on, but that also tends to promote balanced lists, rather than one-trick ponies. Deployment is still huge, but it's not as determining as in the past.


    1. The siren song just got louder...and thanks for that!

  3. Splendid and unusual, great work and great colors!