Friday, November 21, 2014

Puttering. Also, Santa.


I have been on something of an assembly tear of late, having put together a chunk more orks.  Not sure why, as the Cub's going to have not much more than 1000 points of Space Marines post-Christmas (don't tell him!), but I seem to be on a roll, so I figured I'd go for it.  I'm rather pleased with both how I've managed to churn new life out of some old-school models, and how the battlewagon turned out.

 photo IMG_4971.jpg
Basically a big gun platform.

Just realized that while I've signed up for the Secret Santa run by Ian and Cath at the Blog with No Name, I've yet to post a suggestion list, so best get on it.  The trouble I'm having is that while I've had the urge to do some historicals stuff of late, the near-total lack of opportunity to play any historical games has kind of moved things to the back burner.  While I do have some chances to play GW games, G-dub pricing leaves much to be desired.  That said, here's what's been pricking at me of late:

 photo IMG_4972.jpg
Cub's been bugging me to put this together since he became aware such things existed.

15 / 18mm stuff for the Acadian project?  I've been using Blue Moon figs, so anything that might be consistent with their scale.  Terrain would be nice for this as well, as I'm rather short on it.

 photo IMG_4973.jpg
2nd edition (?) orks, dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age.

Xyston (18mm) Antigonids, Spartans, or Achemenid Persians?

 photo IMG_4974.jpg
Love these older models.

15mm WWII Germans - something I can use to start a matched army for my soviets.  Maybe if I get two sides going I can wean the Cub off the dark side?

 photo IMG_4975.jpg
Also love these newer models.

28mm stuff for SAGA vikings?

 photo IMG_4976.jpg
Going to go through a LOT of primer this weekend ;)

Really, what I'd like is anything kind of cool, something I can use that might spark me to work on historicals again.  Poke around the blog a bit, and surprise me?



  1. Whoever your secret santa is should definitely buy you more historicals. Enough with these catmen! :P

    You need one of these by the way:

  2. That is pretty hot, i must admit.